Back Cover Text of
A Catholic Assessment of Evolution Theory:

Sixty percent of U.S. Catholics believe that the origin
of mankind is best explained by evolution theory; most
are unaware of Church doctrine that could preclude
such a belief; and most Catholics view the question of
origins as settled and irrelevant.  So common are these
views=even among Catholic clergy and apologists=that
it would take an overwhelming case against evolution
theory to change the dominant mindset.

A Catholic Assessment of Evolution Theory provides
this case by explaining the relevance of beliefs about
origins and by showing that the harmony of truth in
science, history, Catholic theology, and Thomistic
philosophy unanimously suggests the immediate
creation of mankind by God, to the exclusion of any
type of evolutionary process.  The case developed
herein is based on:

  • The Critical Study of Evolutionary Claims
  • The Writings of Church Fathers and Doctors,
    including Aquinas' Summa
  • The Creation/Providence Framework of the
    Fathers and Doctors
  • The Sound Application of Scholastic Philosophy
  • Catholic Guidelines for Exegesis

Plus multiple Magisterial pronouncements, including
those from:

  • The 4th Lateran Council / Humani Generis /
    Vatican I & II
  • Providentissimus Deus / the Pontifical Biblical
  • Pelagius I / Catechism of Trent / Arcanum
    Divinae Sapientie

A Catholic Assessment
urges the faithful to embrace
full Church teachings on Creation and following the
Scriptural directives to test all things (I Thess. 5:21)
and to expose deceptions (Eph. 5:11)
=to help ensure
objective teaching of evolution theory in Catholic
institutions and in public schools.  If the nation's moral
freefall is to be reversed, the systematic indoctrination
of students into the evolution-based worldviews of
humanism, post-modernism, and the New Age must be
stopped, and exposing Darwinian claims as false must
be part of the strategy.  The failure to oppose such
indoctrination is a sin of silence ultimately impacting
public policy, religious freedoms, and views on all
moral issues including abortion and the meaning of

    Table of Contents of A Catholic Assessment
    of Evolution Theory:

Chapter One
The Modern Attack and the Flame of Truth
Chapter Two
The Pursuit of Truth? A Catholic Assessment of
Evolution Theory From the Domains of
Philosophy and Science
Chapter Three
A Catholic Assessment of the Historical
Consequences of Evolution Theory
Chapter Four
Catholic Teachings on Origins, Part I: A
Theological Assessment of Evolution Theory
From Sacred Tradition
Chapter Five
The Creation/Providence Framework;
Uniformitarianism; and the Departure From the
Church Fathers
Chapter Six
Catholic Teachings on Origins, Part II: A
Theological Assessment of Evolution Theory
From Magisterial Teachings
Chapter Seven
Catholic Teachings on Origins, Part III: A
Theological Assessment of Evolution Theory
From Sacred Scripture
Chapter Eight
An Appeal to Teach the Full Church Doctrine
of Creation and to Respond Strategically to the
Modern Attack
Epilogue to Chapter Eight
Responses to Common Objections and A
Catholic Statement on Human Origins
Appendix A
Human Evolution: The Story, The Legend, and
The Myth
Appendix B
The Failure of the Remaining "Proofs" of
Appendix C
The Creation/Providence Framework and the
'Days' of

A Catholic Assessment
of Evolution Theory

Weighing the Scientific Evidence
in Light of Thomistic Principles
and Church Teachings on Origins

John M. Wynne
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What reviewers are saying about A Catholic Assessment:

"For those uninitiated in the origins science debate, this book by John
Wynne will literally blow you away.  You will be fast tracked into an area of
debate, gaining insights where you thought none existed.  You'll never look
at theistic evolution in the same light again after reading through some of
the many points made in this book."     
- Daylight Origins Society posted on Catholic Online June 17, 2013      
Some Q&A with author, John Wynne

Q. What is the basic thrust of
A Catholic
Assessment of Evolution Theory
A. The book explains that the evolutionary claims
commonly taught in high school and college text
books are discredited in the scientific literature.  
Further, the case is set forth that, based on
permanent Catholic doctrine, it is impermissible to
depart from the special creation of mankind and to
embrace certain types of theistic evolution.  By the
end of the book, the reader will see that the
harmony of truth in the domains of science,
theology, and philosophy all point to the acceptance
of special creation to the exclusion of human
evolution.  The theological case set forth considers
the unanimous teachings of the Church Fathers and
Doctors, many Magisterial statements, and Catholic
guidelines for  interpreting Sacred Scripture.  Given
the devastating historical consequences of
evolution theory, there is a moral obligation for
Catholics to teach the full Church doctrine on
creation and to help restore truth to the science

Q. Can I see a summary of the arguments?
A. Yes, a summary of the arguments is set forth in
this PDF file link
"A Catholic Statement on Human
Origins" that can be viewed and printed without
charge for use by all Catholic instructors, clergy,
apologists, parents, and students.  The Table of
Contents is listed in the lower right box on this

Q. But isn't the issue of origins a matter of
science, not faith?
A.  This is one of thirteen common statements/
objections of theistic evolutionists addressed in the
For this list, click on the PDF file link here.  
Related specifically to the question posed, consider
that when someone states that origins is a matter of
science not faith, they are revealing a pre-
supposition that humans and the animal kinds
emerged through natural processes and natural
laws.  But if God supernaturally created mankind
and the animal kinds using supernatural means,
then this is a matter of historical theology as it
involved a historical event resulting from Divine
actions that are beyond the natural laws of
science.  The real question for those open to truth
is whether there is any reason to depart from the
obvious and straight- forward meaning of Genesis,
which clearly suggests the supernatural origins of
mankind and the animal kinds. Readers will see that
the clear answer is "no" and that many Catholics
have unwisely departed from historical Church
teachings on creation due to the influence of false
Darwinian claims, set forth as factual by those
who are often philosophically opposed to the truth
about origins.   

Q.  I'm Catholic, but why should I care about
Church doctrine on Creation and origins?
A. You should care because only 16 percent of
Catholics born after Vatican II attend Mass
regularly in the U.S.; the figure is even lower in
Europe.  Behind these statistics is a war of
worldviews between Christendom and the
evolution-based philosophies of humanism,
post-modernism, the New Age, and Liberal
Christianity.  There is great strategic value in this
struggle to expose the claims for evolution theory
as baseless, for it is evolution theory that provides
the intellectual justification for these non-Christian

Q. I'm not a Catholic, why should I care about
Catholic teachings?
A. Many Catholics immediately dismiss valid
arguments against evolution theory from science or
Scripture because such arguments are viewed as
coming from an overly literal interpretation of
Scripture by Protestants.  
A Catholic Assessment
approaches the issue from a completely Catholic
perspective and will be a useful way to allow your
Catholic friends to see the relevance of the origins
debate and that Catholics should be front and
center in the battle for the restoration of truth.
Your own confidence in the truth of special
creation will also be bolstered by studying the
teachings of the Church Fathers, who recorded the
teachings of the Apostles during the early centuries
of the Church.

Q. Are you Catholic?
A. Yes, I am a Catholic as is the co-author of
Repairing the Breach, Stephen Wynne.

Q. I've read the 1959 book by Cardinal Ernesto
The Theory of Evolution Judged by
Reason and Faith.
Is A Catholic Assessment
similar to Cardinal Ruffini's book?
A. A Catholic Assessment reaches similar
conclusions but is more comprehensive and
assesses current evolutionary claims (including
"Ardi," the discovery of the year in 2009 according
Science magazine), so Catholics and others who
appreciated Cardinal Ruffini's fine work will
A Catholic Assessment.

Q.  Can I download the scientific critique of
evolutionary claims evaluated in
A Catholic
A.  Yes, these are available on the Truth Tear
Sheets page.  These can be copied and used in
classrooms, small groups, and in seminaries
without charge.

Q.  What is the "call to action" in A Catholic
A.  The call is NOT to eliminate the teaching of
evolutionary claims, but to teach the theory
objectively and critically, meaning that evidence
calling evolutionary claims into doubt should be
introduced and considered in all Catholic
institutions, including seminaries.  This is nothing
more than following the instructions in
, and only those who have been deceived
into believing that the evidence for evolution is so
sound that it should be treated as an infallible
dogma should be opposed to this reasonable
approach.  Chapter Eight makes specific
recommendations and appeals to parents, teachers,
clergy members and the Church leadership. This
includes efforts to help restore truth to the public
school classroom.

Q.  Has A Catholic Assessment of Evolution
received the Imprimatur?
A.  The book has been submitted and is in the
process of review for the Imprimatur, although it
was 8th in line when submitted for review. We will
update this site when more information is available.
Read A Catholic Assessment of Evolution Theory to see why the evidence from
natural science conforms with historical Catholic teachings such as the following:

…we must hold that the body of Adam was immediately produced or formed
by God alone…the thesis we affirm is Catholic doctrine; it is taught by St.
Thomas in I. 91. art. 2, where he proves it from Ecclus. 17, 1—God created
man of the earth.  In this concur the other theologians and Fathers.  
                  – Francis Suarez, the Eximious Doctor, (1548-1617)
We record what is to all known, and cannot be doubted by any, that God, on
the sixth day of creation, having made man from the slime of the earth, and
having breathed into his face the breath of life, gave him a companion, whom
He miraculously took from the side of Adam when he was locked in sleep.
                                                                – Pope Leo XIII, 1880