Q.1. What is the setting of Pentecost and what
major events are covered?

A.1.  In the opening scene, an elderly John the
Apostle greets those who have come to hear more
of his recently completed Gospel account.  He
then transports the audience back in time, to the
burial procession of Jesus Christ. The audience
will feel the anguish, fear, and uncertainty
internalized by the disciples immediately after the
Crucifixion. The audience will then meet two of
the Roman guard assigned to the tomb, and they
will witness how these guards are impacted by the
triumphant Resurrection.  After seeing the
discovery of the empty tomb by the women and
the initial doubt of other disciples, the audience will
be transported to the Road to Emmaus, where they
will encounter the risen Jesus who teaches the
travelers about the fulfillment of prophecy and the
Old Testament typology that foreshadowed His
earthly ministry.

Following the intermission, the audience will feel
as if they are in the upper room as Jesus appears
and reveals the meaning of the Scriptures, and
they will rejoice with the disciples at the glory of
the Ascension of Jesus to Heaven.  The closing
scenes involve the gradual strengthening of the
disciples, crowned by the Descent of the Holy
Spirit and the start of the Great Commission in
Jerusalem at Pentecost.  The musical closes with
John the Apostle again addressing the audience,
this time with an invitation for all present to deepen
their commitment to the Lord or, for non-
believers, to study the claims of Christianity and to
follow the evidence to the Truth.

Intertwined with these events are two scenes
exploring the mindset of Satan who may well have
thought that he had achieved victory when Jesus
was put to death, only to realize that all had
occurred according to God's plan, and that evil
would be forced to contend for each and every
soul until the end of time through the "war of

All this is packed into 11 scenes filled with
sorrow, laughter, liturgical and traditional Jewish
dance, and beautiful, original music that captures
the emotion of these pivotal days in Church history
like no other Christian musical has done.

Q.2.  Can I read the Pentecost script and hear
the music?

A. 2.  The full script is contained in a PDF file in
the box to the right so that those considering the
musical can review the entire script on-line prior to
making a decision (the file is not to be downloaded
and is protected against printing).  Also, a portion
of 10 out of 27 songs and musical interludes can
be heard by clicking on the title in the box to the
(Note: the entire Pentecost script and all
music is copyrighted; the script and music cannot
be downloaded, copied, resold, or recorded and
sold, and Pentecost may not be performed unless a
"Pentecost Pack" is ordered and an Order Form/
Performance Agreement is submitted (see the
"Pentecost Request Form" to the right

Q. 3.  How long will the musical last and how
large of a cast is required?

A. 3.  Pentecost will last approximately 2 hours
and 30 minutes, not including intermission. The
play has 22 character parts.

Q. 4.  I have a large enough cast for the acting
and singing, but I do not have a musical
deparment/band.  Can I still put on the

A. 4. Yes.  The Pentecost Pack includes a CD of
all songs in the musical.  The CD recording
includes instruments only, so vocalists can sing
live and let the CD provide the supporting music
during the performance as needed.

Q. 5. Is Pentecost true to the Gospel accounts?

A. 5. Yes, Pentecost is true to the Gospel
accounts, but also introduces added characters
(such as two of the Roman guard and dialogue
between Satan and a junior demon) to provide
additional perspectives of the events and to provide
important lessons in apologetics.  

Q. 6. Will Pentecost appeal to all

A. 6.  Pentecost should be compatible with the
doctrine of Evangelicals, Protestants, and
Catholics holding to historical Christian tenants of
the faith.

Q. 7. What does it cost to perform Pentecost
and what do I get when I order a Pentecost

A. 7. To perform the musical, a Pentecost Pack is
purchased at a total delivered cost of $185
(Domestic).  When
Pentecost is performed, a
royalty fee of 50 cents per attendee is collected
and paid at the end of the performances (see the
Order Form/Performance Agreement to the right
for more details).  The Pentecost Pack includes
the following:

  1. 24 full manuscripts
  2. 2 copies of the musical scores for 25 songs
  3. 3 CDs
  4. Set and dance drawings

Q. 8. How do I order a Pentecost Pack?

A. 8.  There are two steps.  First, fill out the
Pentecost Request Form" in the box to the right
and submit.  You will be sent information
regarding where to mail your check and the
completed Order Form/Performance Agreement.  
[For international orders, we will calculate and
inform you of additional shipping costs required
for delivery].  Second, mail your check and the
completed Order Form/Performance Agreement to
the address we provide and we will then mail out
your Pentecost Pack.

Q. 9.  What if I have additional questions
before I order?

A. 9.  You can submit a "Pentecost Request Form"
(located in the box to the right) with questions.  

Q. 10.  What if I want to order printed copies
Pentecost for my bible study or for students
to read in class?  Can I do this even if we don't
Pentecost?  What about the Pentecost

A. 10.  You may order copies of Pentecost and the
CD by following the two step process listed in A.
8.  The only difference is that in the Order
Form/Performance Agreement, you will not order
a Pentecost Pack, only the scripts and CDs.

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Darkness Has Fallen
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The Road to Emmaus
The Scriptures Revealed Reprise
My Lord Reigns
How Will You Remember
The Ascension
One of These Days
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Pentecost (released October, 2009) is an exciting full-length Christian musical, perfect for churches and
schools looking to bring the Gospel to life.  
Pentecost will provide believers and non-believers with an
entertaining and unforgettable view of the dramatic events that occurred after the death of Jesus Christ and that
led to Pentecost.  Along the way, the audience will learn valuable lessons in Christian apologetics, and will
become aware of the war of worldviews that wages around us.
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