Back Cover Text of Repairing the Breach:

    To the prospective reader:

    Are you a truth-seeker?  Do you long for a
    worldview conforming with the scientific
    evidence and the application of sound reason in
    all domains, a belief system not relying upon
    deceptive Darwinian science or flawed
    philosophical and historical methods for
    intellectual justification?  Are you willing to
    embark on a quest for truth, even if it leads to
    the realization that you are accountable to the
    Creator and are called to serve Him?  If so, you
    are a truth-seeker, and Repairing the Breach
    will be a life-changing experience.  

    I reviewed an early draft of Repairing the
    Breach as a dissatisfied humanist seeking real
    answers to the great questions of life such as
    "Who is man?" and "Why am I here?"  I found
    the evidence set forth for the Christian
    worldview from the domains of science,
    philosophy, theology, and history--as well as the
    case that the thrust of Western thought since
    the Enlightenment has been to deny man's
    accountability to the Creator--so convincing that
    I gave my life to Christ less than a year later.

    I remain convinced that the only hope for the
    Church and the nation is for Christians to repent
    of our spiritual indifference and to resolve that
    we will fight to restore truth in all domains and
    in the classroom.  For it is in the school
    classroom where deceptive information and
    manipulative educational techniques have led
    millions of innocent children into hedonistic
    lifestyles with disastrous spiritual, emotional,
    and physical consequences.

    How can truth be restored?  Repairing the
    Breach sets forth a bold strategic initiative to
    turn the tide (see also www.  If Christian
    ministries and the remnant of believers agree
    that the war of worldviews is real and that it is
    ultimately a spiritual war, and if there is a great
    and coordinated response, the nation may yet be
    saved.  If the call to action is ignored, then this
    once-Christian land will experience a final
    downfall, and readers of this work will
    understand that such an end would be perfectly

    Repairing the Breach ably and passionately
    demonstrates that truth in all domains leads to
    the Cross.  If we accept this centuries-old
    position, how can we fail to recognize the
    importance of restoring truth to science,
    philosophy, history, and theology?  If we dare
    claim to be worthy of the sacred name
    "Christian," if we love Jesus Christ--who came
    into the world to testify to the truth (John 18:37)
    --then how can we fail to study the enemy's
    tactics of deception and develop counter
    strategies to restore truth?

    The reader will see a brief account in Repairing
    the Breach explaining that I was graced to be
    the first seeker of truth who was fundamentally
    changed by this monumental work.  I pray and
    trust that through this book, many more will be
    turned toward the Truth, Jesus Christ, and will
    see the need to work diligently to restore truth
    while there is still time.

    May God guide you in your quest for truth, and
    may He prosper the work of your hands.

    Bernie Webb
"The authors have done a masterful job in putting this book together, and I congratulate them on a work that I think will
stand the test of time.  I consider
Repairing the Breach to be among the best books in print assessing the culture wars and
making sense of it all."
                                 - Beverly Eakman, education expert and author of Cloning of the American Mind

    Contents of Repairing the Breach:

  1. Origins of the Quest
  2. Evolution and Deceit:  Defining Terms
  3. Human Evolution:  The Ultimate
    Darwinian Myth
  4. The Emperor Has No Clothes
  5. Behind the Darwinian Deception
  6. Darwin's Silent Attack
  7. Loose Ends
  8. Darwinism, Eugenics, and Nazism
  9. Abortion and Population Control:  The
    Modern Face of Eugenics
  10. Public School Children:  Pawns of the
    Liberal Arsenal
  11. Epicurus, Darwin, and the Constitution
  12. Opening Church Doors to the Father of
  13. A Criticism of Rationalism and Liberal
  14. The New Age and the Old Lie
  15. One Must Choose
  16. To Restore Truth
    Appendix A.  The Hominid Fossil Record: Why
    Human Evolution is the Ultimate Darwinian Myth
    Appendix B.  Why Catholics Must Engage
    in the War of Worldviews
Repairing the Breach
Explaining the Systematic Deception
Behind the War of Worldviews, and
How Christendom Can Turn the Tide

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" I would HIGHLY recommend this book for any teacher (public or private) as well as anyone with a deep interest in the
debate between evolution and creationism.  After seven years of technical higher education at two universities, I thought I
was immune to the claims of creationism and believed that evolution was simply God's creation.  This book changed my
entire worldview of evolution.  The authors start with one goal in mind: take the scientific method and REALLY apply
it...challenging assumptions, hypothesis, and theories...and they do this devastatingly.  So the question is, why is evolution
still being taught as a fact?  The authors show how evolution is not only NOT a fact, but also [part of] an agenda at the
highest levels of the NEA to teach a humanistic, secular, and anti-God worldview in our schools."         
Ben Fisher, Jesus Be With

    Repairing the Breach (RTB) is the most
    comprehensive book available evaluating
    the current and historical clash of
    worldviews between Christianity,
    humanism, postmodernism, liberal
    theology, and the New Age.  Thoroughly
    documented with more than 2,500
    footnotes and endnotes, and yet
    passionately told from the perspective of
    the authors' own quest for truth, the
    work is a must-read for high school and
    college students, and for teachers,
    parents, and pastors charged with the
    responsibility to teach others.  

    The book is also ideal for the non-
    Christian truth-seeker, as it systematically
    explains the poor methodology,
    deception, and flawed evidence used to
    bolster the worldview alternatives to
    Christianity.  Specifically, the book
    explains that humanism, the New Age,
    and liberal theology rely on deceptive
    Darwinian science, flawed philosophy,
    and biased historical methods, while the
    Christian worldview alone achieves the
    harmony of truth in all domains, and the
    harmony of faith and reason.   

    Repairing the Breach will answer the
    following questions:

    1.  What is a worldview and are the
    alternatives really at war with Christianity?

    2.  Historically, how have the competing
    worldviews of humanism, the New Age,
    and liberal theology been influenced by
    flawed philosophy, false science, and
    poor methodology?

    3.  What are the ancient roots of the
    modern worldviews opposed to
    Christianity, and how has the Church
    fought against such errors during the past
    2,000 years?

    4.  Does the evidence in the scientific
    literature support the claims of Darwinian
    evolution, including human evolution?
    (Note: The two chapters on human
    evolution constitute the most
    comprehensive critique yet written.  In
    addition, twelve other so-called "proofs"
    of evolution found in science textbooks
    are evaluated based on the evidence in the
    scientific literature.)

    5.  Can theistic evolution be viewed as the
    proper reconciliation of faith and science
    by Christians who believe that the authors
    of Scripture did not intend to convey
    scientific truths in their writings?  Why
    must the Scholasticism of the Middle
    Ages be considered when developing an

    6.  What historical link is there between
    deceptive Darwinian science, Nazism,
    eugenics, abortion, education theory,
    morality, and jurisprudence?

    7.  Why is public school education failing
    so badly and what does the controlling
    philosophy behind the NEA have to do
    with this failure?

    8.  What does judicial activism have to do
    with the war of worldviews?

    9.  Why has America undergone a moral
    collapse?  Is there hope for the nation?

    10.  What is the only proven approach
    for Christian parents to effectively steer
    their children away from false

    11.  Will Christian freedoms really come
    under attack if the tide is not turned?  
    Won't Christians be protected by their
    Constitutional rights?

    12.  What strategies can be executed at
    the local and national levels to turn the
    tide in the war of worldviews?

    13.  (Special Appendix) What is the true
    Catholic teaching on evolution theory and
    the harmony of faith and reason?  Is the
    clash of worldviews only for
    Evangelicals, or is there common ground
    on which all Christians and all truth-
    seekers can unite?

    More About Repairing the Breach

    The 16 chapters and 2 appendices of
    Repairing the Breach are approx. 650
    pages in length; with footnotes and
    endnotes, the book is more than 750
    pages.  While the length of this work may
    seem intimidating, the material is very
    manageable and assumes the reader has
    no specialized education in any domain.  
    Rather, the book was written specifically
    for the general public, and the authors
    have compiled information from
    thousands of sources into a concise and
    clear treatment of a wide variety of
    subjects impacted by the war of

    This work will be a treasured addition to
    your library and will allow you to
    understand and explain to others, the war
    of worldviews that rages all around.  If
    you read just one work on this topic, this
    is the one!

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