What is a Truth Tear Sheet?  

    In the writing of Repairing the Breach, a review of high school textbooks addressing evolutionary
    science, sex education, and U.S. history indicated that false or misleading information is often
    contained in such materials.  To counter such information, Truth Tear Sheets that contain accurate
    information were prepared and can be downloaded and printed free of charge for copying and
    distribution to students, teachers, and others who would benefit, provided the Tear Sheets are not
    modified and provided they are distributed without charge to others.  Alternatively, all Tear Sheets
    can be found in the "Truth Tear Sheet Booklet" offered in the RTM Store for a modest fee to cover

    The Truth Tear Sheets contain no religious material (though they do discuss philosophical
    motivations behind the presentation of deceptive information) and cannot be legitimately objected to
    based on separation of church and state grounds.  Teachers interested in teaching truth will find this
    information to be a useful ally when covering controversial issues.  Parents should approach
    teachers and local school boards to ask for their cooperation in distributing this information as part
    of the effort to teach truth so that students are not deceived on issues impacting the formation of
    one's worldview.

    As discussed more fully in Repairing the Breach (Chapter 16), all efforts should be made to obtain
    buy-in from teachers and, if needed, school board members regarding the use of the Tear Sheets.  
    Many teachers and local board members are not aware of textbook misinformation, want to teach
    students truth in all subject areas, and will be grateful that you care enough to share the Truth Tear

    In some instances, however, teachers or board members may be following the philosophical
    direction set forth by the NEA and other leading educational theorists, and they may object to any
    information that would call humanist dogma such as Darwinian evolution, or the "safe sex" message
    into question.  In such instances, if repeated attempts in getting the Truth Tear Sheet information
    introduced into the classroom fail, distribution of the information should be made outside of the
    classroom, and students should raise questions in the classroom that call into question false
    information being taught.  Remember, your child has a right to a truthful education and your
    natural rights as a parent to raise your child in truth exceed those of educators who may
    have a philosophical agenda.  You are encouraged to fight for truth and to consult Repairing the
    Breach for more detail on effective strategies to restore truth to the classroom at the local and
    national levels.  Regardless of your educational background or whether you have children in public
    schools, you are needed in the fight for truth.

    Our position is that the deliberate teaching of misinformation to students in areas impacting
    worldview formation is not only inappropriate, it is a violation of parental natural rights
    and, because harmful physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences result from acting on
    false information such as the "safe sex" message, such deception is properly classified as a
    form of child abuse that must be exposed and stopped.  

    The hour is very late and turning the tide in the war of worldviews will be very difficult as it will
    require grassroots effort plus the cooperation of ministries and experts in all fields.  Nevertheless, it
    is a battle that must be joined by all those who value truth, the freedom to pursue truth, and the
    souls of others.  Please join us in the fight to restore truth by reading and acting upon the strategies
    set forth in Repairing the Breach, including the distribution of the Truth Tear Sheets that can be
    accessed in the box below.





Truth Tear Sheets:
Darwinism, Sex Education, Abortion,   
and U.S.History/Government
"And you will know the truth, and the truth will
make you free."                               - John 8:32
"They hold a plainly false opinion who say that in
regard to the truth of religion it does not matter
what a man thinks about the Creation so long as
he has the correct opinion concerning God...An
error concerning the Creation ends as false
thinking about God. "                - Thomas Aquinas
"I have done a great deal of work on Darwin and can
say with some assurance that Darwin also did not
derive his theory from nature but rather superimposed
a certain philosophical worldview on nature and then
spent 20 years tyring to gather the facts to make it
stick."                                                    - G. Grinnell
Government Tear Sheet #1: Beliefs of the
Founding Fathers and the Worldview
Reflected in the U.S. Constitution

Government Tear Sheet #2:
The Separation of Church State and the War
of Worldviews
Falsehood #1: "Safe Sex"
Falsehood #2: "Minor" Abortion Aftereffects
Falsehood #3: "Genetic" Homosexuality
Falsehood #4: Abortion Does Not Kill an
Innocent Human Being
Falsehood #5: Overpopulation
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Tear Sheets from A Catholic Assessment of Evolution Theory
Sex Education
American Government