Restoring Truth Ministries, LLC (RTM) is a Christian ministry and Catholic Apostolate explaining the assault on truth behind the war of worldviews, which Christendom is now losing.

Our mission is to explain how a false view of reality gained control of society and has heavily damaged even the Catholic Church (and all denominations) due to philosophical errors that now extended to all domains, including theology, history, and natural science.  The false view of reality, called the “Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative,” grew out of materialism and rationalism.  At its core, the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative holds “if there is a God, He does not intervene in the affairs of men; no miracles occur in the Cartesian-Darwinian world.”  This summary statement is agreeable to atheists and agnostics, among other false philosophies, including humanists who have controlled the direction of education since 1900.

The Narrative involves a denial of truth that is extended to all domains.  In natural science, the Narrative requires the adoption of uniformitarianism that includes an evolutionary view of origins even though, as our work explains, the scientific literature invalidates all evolutionary claims used to indoctrinate children in the classroom.  This includes human evolution and our resources explain that there is no viable pathway leading from an ape-like creature to modern man (Homo sapiens).

Other false claims of the Narrative have impacted theology (through negative higher criticism, including the Documentary Hypothesis), philosophy (through the two dozen or so false philosophies that deny God’s existence or His interaction with mankind), and history (through the rejection of all claims of God’s interaction with mankind out the outset, without a fair evaluation of the evidence).  All of this means that those in the Church who blindly accept claims from the Narrative, such as the claim that evolution is true, are fostering the spread of error and contributing to the mass abandonment of Christianity now seen everywhere.

Our resources include six books on the war of worldviews, the errors of the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative, and related Catholic teachings. These books provided much of the material for the ground-breaking 17-part DVD series: Foundations Restored: A Catholic Perspective on Origins (2019) that is also available through our website.

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