“Why do you believe what you believe?”

 “What formed your worldview?”

“Is it possible that you have been led astray by an educational establishment that, for more than a century, has adopted the overriding objective of indoctrinating students into a false view of reality that denies moral accountability?”

In The Realm of Curiosity, these questions are unexpectedly encountered by four young adults on their college Fall break.  You will be drawn to these characters as they undertake (some reluctantly) a quest for truth and face the challenge of overcoming years of misinformation taught to them in the domains of theology, philosophy, natural science and history.

As you follow their journey, you will see the four come face to face with the most important decision of their lives—whether to follow the only worldview that withstands scrutiny.  The characters soon realize that following the true path involves more than an intellectual assent; it requires courage and the humility to confess to God, that which He already knows.  This challenge applies to us all.

As with the characters in The Realm of Curiosity, you have the freedom to seek the truth and to answer the question: ‘How will my story end?’ This novel demonstrates that the quest for truth ends at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ and, God willing, it will help you follow the truth to journey’s end.

Begin your quest today and consider forming a discussion group of truth-seekers, who will take this life-changing journey with you.  May the Holy Spirit guide all who take this journey.