The three key battlefields are education (including seminaries), the government (especially the judiciary), and the media. The most important of these is education.

Since 1900, the field of education has been dominated by theorists such as John Dewey, commonly considered to be the “Father of American Education” and a key figure in the emergence of the philosophy of modern humanism. Dewey viewed children as mere animals to be manipulated and trained to meet the needs of an evolving society, and his methods set the stage for the failure in American education plus the indoctrination of innocent children into the humanistic worldview.

Dewey’s views continue to dominate public schools as humanist educational theorists never relinquished control and are able to execute their strategies today through the like-minded NEA leadership (though many teachers are well meaning and unaware of the agenda). The aim, now largely achieved, continues to be the use of the classroom to lead children to the rejection of their Christian heritage and to the pursuit of a hedonistic lifestyle through harmless sounding programs such as “values clarification” “outcome based education,” and “safe sex” instruction.

Unfortunately, such programs have had devastating spiritual, emotional, and physical consequences on those students who fall victim to the lies being taught. The moral collapse in America is directly related to this usurpation of parental rights in education and the misinformation taught in our schools.

When the assault in education is combined with the glorification of hedonism (pleasure-seeking) in television and the media, plus decisions from judicial activists who are hostile to Christianity,  it is not surprising that Christianity is losing the war even though it is the only worldview consistent with truth and provides satisfactory answers to the great questions of life.