The weapons of this war consist of the assault on truth in all domains of learning. While the Scholasticism of the Middle Ages correctly established that authentic truth in philosophy, science, history, and theology point to the truth of Christianity (hence the statement “truth cannot contradict truth”), falsehood in these four domains is taught as truth in high school, college and even in many seminary classrooms, and has mistakenly convinced millions of trusting students that the Christian worldview is not consistent with the evidence and sound reasoning.

The most influential departure from truth has been Darwinian science because the view of man as merely an evolved animal permeates every aspect of education. While many sincere Christians hold that evolution is not opposed to the faith (as true science cannot contradict truth about God and His creation), this position ignores three important considerations:

  1. Darwinian science is not supported by the  scientific evidence (those who believe it is rely upon inaccurate information they were taught in high school or college and have not undergone a serious study of the scientific literature  themselves),
  2. The teaching of Darwinism in schools inappropriately ventures into the philosophical realm. That is, students are commonly taught that evolution is a purposeless process and that Darwinism has exposed belief in a Creator as a superstition or myth, and
  3. Sound Catholic principles of Scriptural interpretation lead to the overwhelming rejection of claims for human evolution, as does an evaluation of authoritative Magisterial teachings and the writings of the Church Fathers. Those who dismiss these writings because the Fathers lived in “pre-scientific” times ignore the fact that the Fathers did know of evolutionary concepts and strongly opposed them. Moreover, origins is correctly seen as belonging to the domain of historical theology and not natural science, and this means that teachings of the Magisterium and Church Fathers are of great importance.

While truth cannot contradict truth, falsehood in any domain can appear to conflict with truths of the faith and false Darwinian science, presented as truth to prop up false philosophies, has led millions into a lapse of faith and the embrace of false worldviews. Similar error in the domains of philosophy, theology, and history has led multitudes away from the one, true worldview and into false worldviews that are built upon false claims and deception.